The George D. Green Art Institute (GDGAI) provides traveling exhibits, workshops, tutorials and guided tours of the Institute’s collection.

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We take some of the best paintings in the country, and show them first to kids and communities that may be disadvantaged by geography or social circumstance. We fill the space with pictures, you fill the room with kids, and then we show up and talk with the kids where all ideas are explored and questions answered.

The George D. Green Art Institute is dedicated to awakening the creative spirit in everyone. A window of awareness begins with an exhibition of paintings that feature Green’s highly unique style of abstract illusionism. We create an interactive, open discussion forum where curiosity and questioning lead to art appreciation at a personal level. We believe it’s critical to expose people to the act of creating art. So if desired, we present eccentric and amazing drawing classes!

The Institute has a robust program of traveling exhibits, in-person seminars with artists, and curated public shows. Interested schools and public groups can apply to have us come to their community.



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The Artist

tribute to george

6/24/43 to 4/14/20

ARTIST, FRIEND, CREATIVE SPIRIT — Sadness overwhelms us as we announce the passing of George D. Green. His impact on each of those he met is a lasting and profound experience to be treasured. George had a unique capacity to translate his sense of wonderment into works of art that continuously engage, challenge and entertain. As each viewer encounters George’s illusion, what seems to be real, becomes a question. It is an experience to be remembered.

George found great joy in direct contact with people as they viewed his work. This was most noticeable when he gave studio tours or was leading an artist’s workshop. In a recent workshop, a young boy who was transfixed by George’s work, said to George: “It looks like the music of the winds.”

His career as an artist is firmly established through hundreds of exhibitions, being part of the permanent collections of over 70 museums, and in private collections. A few years ago, George brought in trusted friends and advisors to create the George D. Green Art Institute. The artist has been encouraged and supported by his wife and fellow artist, Jeri Hise, who serves as the executive director of the Institute. Jeri’s commitment, hard work and love have been instrumental in the success of the Institute and offered strength to George and his career. George wanted to leave an institution that would encourage and inspire young people. He wanted them to be the best they could be. As a young artist in Corvallis, Oregon, George did not have access to museums and galleries with large collections. He had to learn on his own. The Institute changes that.

Led by George and Jeri’s shared vision, the Institute is now accomplishing goals that were dreams and ideas a few years ago. Education through direct experience is our guiding principle. We firmly are committed to continuing with the work of the Institute.

His passing is a time for contemplation. George inspired, enriched and encouraged all of us.

George D. Green

George D. Green is a fifth generation Oregonian and a founding member of the Abstract Illusionists. He has had 160 national and international exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe, and his work is represented in 60 museums. After a 30-year tenure in NYC, George returned to Oregon where he now lives and works.

In 1974 George Green, with his wife and daughter Amber, moved into SoHo, which was soon to become the art center of the world. We welcome you to READ AMBER’S ACCOUNT of those years and how it inspired her. She currently divides her time between Thessaloniki and Athens, writing on culture and art internationally, and sharing the richness of urban Mediterranean lifestyle. Explore her writing on PROVOCOLATE.COM.

“I’ve never seen my daughter so excited and involved.” These are the words of one parent after her child attended a GDGAI workshop. The impact of this creative experience opens up young minds to limitless possibilities.

Our initial events included the Northwest Academy in Portland, Oregon, followed by a second and larger show held in Hillsboro in partnership with the Northwest Regional Education Service District (NWRESD), where well over 400 children attended. Next was an exhibition with workshops in March 2017 where we partnered with the Arts Council of Lake Oswego, the largest attended event for them to date. With a second successful year of the George D. Green Art Institute behind us, we’re looking ahead to future events.


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Support Us

Your help with contributions is vitally important in keeping this powerful momentum moving. We need to be able to finance the transportation and installation of the art. Additionally, we have significant expenses involved with printed materials that promote the shows. Your assistance will make a difference. The George D Green Institute is a 501 C-3 charitable organization that depends on the support of donors, business sponsors and schools. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

George D. Green’s original painting of ROUGH & TUMBLE is 17 x 8 feet and is stunning to see. We have created a high-quality poster of this work at 36 x 19 inches—signed by the artist—available for sale for $25 which includes the cost of handling and shipping.

Rough & Tumble poster


George D. Green Art Institute’s first catalog, ROBUST EXUBERANCE TO CONTEMPLATIVE REVELATION, is now available. The 67 page, 10 x 8.5-inch catalog handsomely displays a representation of George’s work from 1979 to 2017. The publication is high quality—signed by the artist—and is available for sale for $15, which includes the cost of handling and shipping. You can order multiple catalogs by changing the quantity on the PayPal transaction page after clicking the BUY NOW button. If you are interested in a large quantity, please CALL US DIRECTLY so we can give you a discounted price based on volume and provide an estimate for shipping.


Visual Magic catalog cover

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Listed below are catalogs of our art shows and exhibits, essays, news articles and other noteworthy print materials.

•  George D. Green Art Institute handout (PDF 2.5 mb)

University of Oregon, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Visual Magic: An Oregon Invitational
•  JSMA magazine, Winter 2019: Visual magic: An Oregon Invitational (PDF 1.5 mb)
•  Visual Magic exhibition—series of posters (PDF 2.9 mb)

•  SoHo Stories: A Manhattan Idyll (essay) (PDF 1.4 mb)
•  George D. Green by Don Eddy (essay) (PDF 620 kb)
•  NW Regional Educational Service District Visual Magic event card (PDF 1.6 mb)
•  Northwest Academy: Visual Magic Hand Made Pictures display board (PDF 5.7 mb)
•  Northwest Academy: Visual Magic Hand Made Pictures catalog (PDF 4.6 mb)
•  NW Regional Educational Service District Visual Magic: The Zone of Middle Dimensions catalog (PDF 5.8 mb)
•  Lake Oswego Review article, “Painting Outside the Frame” (PDF 2.0 mb)
•  Arts Council of Lake Oswego: Robust Exuberance to Contemplative Revelation catalog (PDF 3.8 mb)


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Over a long career, George has produced a body of work that continually stands apart. Here on the Institute’s website, we have featured eight paintings. You can view a more complete body of George’s work displayed on his ARTIST WEBSITE.

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“No matter how closely viewed, the illusion never breaks down.”      — George D. Green

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our board

The board is a mixture of professionals in the art world combined with business executives and media professionals. This combination assures that the Institute will remain focused on providing opportunities for people to experience how art is created.

Jeri Hise, Executive Director


Executive Director

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Jeri Hise is a widely exhibited artist, educator and founding member of Inkling Printmaking Studio, Portland, Oregon. She taught in Tribecca, NYC and the print studios at Smith College. Attended UofO and graduated with a BFA from Smith College.

Dan Biggs, Board Chair


Board Chair

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Dan Biggs was the Past Chairman of the Board of the Portland Art Museum and Past Board member of the Portland Opera. He is also the founding president of Millennium Pictures and a co-founder of the Portland Creative Conference.

Barbara Corden, Board Member


Board Member

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Barbara is a philanthropist, political and community activist and collector of contemporary art. She is the manager of four businesses and oversees and interacts with over fifty University students as tenants of her properties.

Nels Hall, Board Member


Board Member

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Nels Hall is President of Yost Grube Hall Architecture and was a past board member of the Oregon School of Design and the Architecture Foundation of Oregon. As both an architect and planner, Nels has worked on educational, science, governmental and corporate projects across the U.S. and around the world.

Ned Preble, Board Member


Board Member

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Ned Preble is a business consultant and is on the Faculty of Capella University, teaching in the Business School courses in Change Management, Strategy and Planning. He has lectured at Yale, Harvard and U of Chicago. He is a managing partner at Synectics Corporation.

Jane Ramsey, Board Member


Board Member

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Jane is a retired elementary and art education teacher. With a BS from Oregon State University, she went on to Western Oregon University where she specialized in early childhood and art education. Jane has a diverse background of work experience beginning with working for a graphic designer.

Reagan Ramsey, Board Member


Board Member

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Reagan Ramsey, New Media Developer and Television News Executive (former news director at KGW). As a leading innovator in Interactive Media, Reagan has been responsible for the design and creation of campaigns for broadcast media clients.

Andrew Thaler, Board Member


Board Member

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Recently retired Chief Financial Officer for a regional distribution/assembly company with retail/wholesale operations in Oregon, Washington Idaho and California. He was the Treasurer/Finance Director for Multnomah County; practicing CPA with KPMG/Peat, Marwick; and served on various citizen advisory committees.

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our advisors

Our advisors are an eclectic group of prominent professionals including celebrated regional and international artists, educators, designers, legal experts and community leaders.

iLeigh Behnke, Advisor



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Ms. Behnke is a celebrated NY painter, art educator (School of Visual Arts, NYC). Her work is extensively written about and in the collections of numerous museums. She is represented by Fischbach Gallery, NYC, and Plus One Gallery, London. Guggenheim Fellowship in 2013.
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Don Eddy, Advisor



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World-renowned painter. Widely shown in galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and Europe, in the collections of many museums throughout the world. Is the subject of numerous books and publications. Represented by the Nancy Hoffman Gallery, NYC.
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Heather Hall, Advisor



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Owner, Interior Design firm for 25 years. She has been influenced by the uniqueness of individual perception and expression in the Arts and Architecture in creating rich personal spaces. She holds a B.F.A. from the University of Oregon.
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Sandy Green, Advisor



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Sandy Green is Founder and President of Surface Restorations, Inc., an Oregon Corporation. He is painter, contractor, facilitator, mediator, enhancer, and conflict manager. Fifty plus years of engagement with challenged surfaces, challenged environments, challenged aesthetics, and challenged attitudes. Sandy brings unique solutions to unique situations.
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Nancy Lindburg, Advisor



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Ms. Lindburg is a painter. Director of the Salem Art Association and Artist Services Coordinator for Oregon Arts Commission. Represented in numerous collections, Governor’s Arts Award,1995. She is a graduate of Mills College and Cranbrook Academy of Art, MFA.
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Tim Liszt, Advisor



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Tim Liszt is the creative energy behind LisZt Design, which officially launched in 2008 after 21 years working in Public Affairs and Marketing for a large city agency. His design skills include the communication arts—branding, print design, and developing web sites for clients that are engaging and effective. All this and he sings!
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Painter, poet, critic. Executive Director: Yellowstone Art Museum, C.M. Russell Museum, McAllen Int’l Museum, Oregon Arts Commission, Western States Arts Federation, National Endowment for the Arts. Santa Fe Arts Commission, New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts. Recipient numerous awards.
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Tax attorney, former IRS Appeals Officer. Currently District 2 Councilor City of Braintree, MA, Chairman Ways & Means Committee, Rules & Ordinance Committee. Served on the Braintree Finance Committee, United Way Oversight Committee. Graduate Boston College, Suffolk University School of Law.
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Award winning elementary principal, exhibiting soft sculptor, curriculum specialist, middle and high school fine arts teacher, arts administrator and arts consultant Galef Institute, Los Angeles. Trustee for the Northwest Academy, a rigorous secondary school of arts and academics in Portland, Oregon.
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Manager of the McMinnville Downtown Association. Produced concert series, steering committee and downtown farmers market, recruited several new businesses and doubled the business memberships. McMinnville, second Best Main Street in America sponsored by Parade Magazine.
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Eccentric opportunities lickety split! George’s way of expresing his belief that it is critical to expose young people to the hands on experience of creating art. By giving them an experience where they can view the process as well as seeing and understanding the finished product, young minds are opened to that which is possible. The Institute pursues a robust program of traveling exhibits, in-person seminars with the artist, and one of a kind public shows. Plans currently on the Institute’s road map:

— Stage the largest, most comprehensive exhibit by Oregon Artists of the 60’s at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon.

— Create a traveling exhibition of George’s work and the work of other distinguished artists that will travel to small communities throughout Oregon. This exhibition’s goal is to educate and inspire young people to build a passion to understand, create aand appreciate art.

— Provide opportunities for students to discuss Mr. Green’s Art (trompe l’oeil Abstract Illusionism). These efforts will foster an understanding of, and appreciation for the process of creating art.

— Artist-guided tours of the Institute’s permanent retrospective collection and work in progress. Individuals and small groups by appointment only.

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Education & Outreach

The Institute provides an alternate approach and eccentric view to arts education. School seminars, designed for individual class groups, give the students direct contact with George and the creative process. Equally important, are the young artist workshops that will be presented regionally in areas that have limited opportunities in traditional school programs. Programsare designed to include:

— George has always believed that it is critical to expose young people to the act of creating art. By giving them an experience where they can view the process as well as seeing and understanding the finished product, their minds will be opened to new and unimagined possibilities. The Institute has a robust program of traveling exhibits, in-person seminars with the artist, and curated public shows. Interested schools and public groups can apply to have a show and artist workshop come to their area by completing the form contained on this site

— Create a traveling exhibition of Abstract Illusionism Art that will travel to small communities throughout Oregon.  This exhibition will include seminars in schools and will partner with local artists in each community with the goal of educating and inspiring young people to build a passion within each of them for understanding, creating and appreciating art.

— Conduct a seminar with George Green for students to discuss Mr. Green’s Art (trompe l’oeil Abstract Illusionism). The seminar will endeavor to foster an understanding of, and appreciation for the process of creating art.

— Artist guided tours of the Institute’s permanent retrospective collection and of the current studio work. Individuals and small groups all by appointment only.

— Mount occasional guest exhibitions of exceptional painters whose work is not otherwise available to northwest audiences.

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Each exhibit is unique and created specifically for the expected audience. The central focus of each event highlights George’s work in abstract illusionism as well as work by artists who have achieved the highest level of professional prominence and artistic achievement.

At the conclusion of each of these exhibits and workshops, we look ahead to planning future events. Contact us to schedule an exhibit in your area.

Visual Magic Exhibition catalog

The Institute has a central objective of creating educational experiences in all that it does. School seminars, designed for individual class groups, give the students direct contact with George and the creative process. Equally important, are the young artist workshops that will be presented regionally in areas that have limited opportunities in traditional school programs.

Mount an Exhibition at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon featuring Oregon Artists who lived, worked or were educated in Oregon during the 60’s and early 70’s.

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Contact Us

We welcome inquiries about the George D. Green Art Institute and the work we do. Learn about our workshop and exhibits. We want to make sure the next generation of artists will have an opportunity to experience art and art creation first hand.

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